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A nice family run and authentic Indian restaurant. Vindaloo is excellent. This place is well worth a visit!      - Ian  (Mar 2010)

Started dining at this place on huge recommendation of my now-spouse. We go on a regular basis whenever we're in or driving through K-W. Compared to Indian restaurants we dine at in Toronto, this place is definitely in my top 3. Always good food - so far. Always great, (gay) friendly service for a small restaurant and a culture that taboos the gay community. Thank you, staff, for always making us feel very welcome.     - Alyze  (Feb 2012)

Awesome Lunch Buffet!
This is a great spot for a quick lunch during a work day. The buffet was a wonderful assortment of things you usually don't see on their regular menu and had a wonderful assortment of curries. Don't forget to grab the ice cream on your way out!!   - BCambell  (Feb 2013)

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This was my very first experience of Indian cuisine and afterward I was hooked. This is a pretty small restaurant tucked away on a side street behind Conestoga Mall, so you can very easily pass by without knowing its there. It doesn't look like anything fancy, but what an experience this place was!

I don't think I quite realized how spicy Indian food can get, but this experience certainly taught me well! What I really liked about this place is how they offer a buffet. While buffets can be very hit and miss, this one was a hit! As my first experience eating Indian food I very much appreciated being able to see what I was eating before I ate it. 

I left this place very excited about my experience and eager to tell my friends and family about it! It was not too long after that I was back with some family and friends for a birthday celebration. There were about 10 of us in our group that they were able to accommodate, though we made sure to get a reservation because of the small scale size of the restaurant. Another stand-out dining experience. 

I look forward to going back to Waterloo and returning to this place for another delicious meal!    - Emily K.  (Jul 2011)

I am thoroughly impressed by their interior design. Beautiful and comfortable. Their dish ware is also very unique. I'd come again.
  - Elisa L. (Apr 2013)



good experience...
The food I ordered off the menu was delicious, with some options I have not seen often in other Indian restaurants, such as the masala dosa, and other south indian cuisine that tasted very authentic and flavourful! Very friendly, and it was nice to hear them greeting some of the more regular customers by name. Really good tandoori chicken! They even delivered outside of KW as we ordered for about 7 people.
Have eaten there several times, will go again.   - WKristina    (Dec 2011)

Best Indian Restaurant in K-W
The food is delicious and authentic, the service friendly and homey, and the prices decent! What else is there to say?  -  lah2383    (Jul 2012)

Chef is extremely talented and will spice to your taste. A good variety of menu choices, food hot and plentiful. Friendly staff, good prices.   - Lynn F.   (Mar 2013)


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