Chef Thiru & the Classic Indian team take great pride in serving you!
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A Message from Chef Thiru

About Chef Thiru ...
The chef behind Classic Indian is Thiru, with over 30 years of extensive cooking expertise earned in a wide variety of roles in kitchens around the world, including India, Switzerland, Bahrain, UAE, OMAN, USA and Canada. Thiru's passion for the unique flavours & spices of India, paired with his extensive background as an executive chef, have enabled him to come up with creative dishes while maintaining authentic Indian flavours and aromas. Through this varied experience, Thiru consistently creates imaginative dishes that are appreciated by a global audience.

Chef Thiru & Classic Indian team take great pride in serving you!

"Share our passion for authentic flavours of aromatic spices from India! " - - Chef Thiru

Classic Indian is family-run business, finding our origins on April 3rd, 2001 in Waterloo, Ontario. From our humble beginnings we believed in serving the high quality food and personalized service; our commitment to create and serve fresh Indian food and flavourful dishes is well received by our growing local clientèle. We maintain our core values by serving quality food and cooking with authentic Indian flavours with utmost care and service. We always take pride to give back to the community near and afar; from simple luncheons at the Waterloo regional food bank to elaborate banquet events for catastrophe relief funds.

Our Philosophy

Honesty is the key in creating a good meal — we focus on authentic & true flavours. At Classic Indian, there are 3 fundamental values that we strongly believe in and strive to maintain:

Authentic Flavours: Chef Thiru hand picks spices and seasoning from the best suppliers and importers, which does not contain any artificial preservatives or flavourings. We take extra care in our cooking methods to ensure that the full aroma and fragrance of the spices are extracted. We combine various flavours & cooking methods from all over India ranging from Northern mountainous herbs, to the Southern coastal spices.

Quality: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" — It is that simple. Our signature of quality lies in the food we prepare. From creating and delivering fine food items to ensuring that in every step of the process, quality is maintained. Not only in food, but also in customer service, we strive to make sure that our clients and guests experience the best quality of service.

Creativity: Located in Canada's silicon valley, influenced by the surrounding enterprising businesses, we too strive for continuous improvement. From establishing systems to make it easy for customers (Ordering online) to creating imaginative (yet authentic) dishes/menu to suit your taste buds and needs, we drive to be at the forefront creating value through innovative means.

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